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Best Ways of Duck Hunting In Hungary with Air Rifle

For many years, Hungary has been noted for ducks hunting. Even before the world wars, it had its ducks which attracted many hunters. The ducks are in the Hungarian lakes and rivers. In the past times, lakes, ponds, and rivers were only exclusive to very few people. However, currently many people are allowed to sail in the rivers and lakes and to hunt the ducks and waterfowls in many regions of Hungary.

The large lands with waters and reeds are a very good home for the ducks. However, shooting the ducks with an air rifle while in hunt might present you with a difficult task. This is because, since the past, ducks have been hunted and they have devised new methods to survive hunting. The ducks also come out in different seasons. Here are some of the best ways of duck hunting in Hungary with air rifle;

a) Note the Seasons for Hunting the Ducks

Not all the seasons of the year when it is easy to hunt ducks. During August, many ducks goes to the lands to eat the maturing sunflower. They also go to the lands to find insects and grasses for food. In this time, they come in groups and it is very easy to shoot at them. Even if you are not a smart hunter, you will be assured of more than 2 ducks every time you go for hunting.

b) Shoot a Single Bird at a Time in your Duck Hunting

Best Ways of Duck Hunting In Hungary with Air RifleDo not try to shoot 2 birds at a single time. You will probably miss both. This is because; your attention will be diverted to 2 directions. Therefore, take your target on a single bird. Ensure that the duck is somehow busy and that it does not lift its head in attention. Shoot only when you are sure of your aim. In case you are not sure, hold on you gun to avoid frightening the birds to get lost.

c) Practice Air Rifle Shooting

Don’t wait until the season comes for you to have your debut shooting. Practice makes perfect. Let the perfection be with you while you are waiting for the season. Consider practicing to shoot at targets in the air before the season. This will keep you ready and eager for the ducks season. Make sure you have the right caliber air gun for hunting and take it out for a practice session. If you are not sure about the different types or what air rifles are good you should search the webs for websites that have reliable information on the topic and take notes on what fits your category of use.

d) Consider the Trailing Bird in a Flight

Best Ways of Duck Hunting In Hungary with Air RifleIf you are hunting in group, be sure not to think like any other hunter. Take a different target not the usual slowest, easiest to shoot, and the first bird in a flight. You may consider the fastest flying duck. This will ensure you shoot a different bird from others.

e) Consider Swinging

Since you are aiming at a flying bird with your air rifle, swing on as the bird moves in its course. Do not shoot from a fixed position. By swinging, you will follow the bird and shoot only when you are likely to hit the target.


Both wild and raised ducks are available for hunting in Hungary. Being in the heart of Europe, Hungary welcomes many visitors for hunting in the different seasons of the year when the ducks are numerous. The charges for renting an air rifle and also for the entire cost of hunting are quite friendly to your pocket. You only need to be conversant with the best ways of duck hunting in Hungary with air rifle. The rest will be a new and interesting experience for you in Hungary.

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