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Go to Myvatn Lake in Iceland to Watch Aurora

Aurora activities always appear in the Northern Countries in more than 8 months of the year. This is between the months of September and mid April. Being situated near the clear sky than other nations, these northern countries experience Aurora more. Iceland is a good example of these countries.

In Myvatn Lake, you can watch the Northern lights during many seasons of the year. However, you may need some information on how to watch and when to go to watch Aurora in Myvatn Lake. The following are some of the tips for you to adhere when you go to Myvatn Lake in Iceland to watch Aurora;

a) Note the Season to Watch Aurora

Not all months will you visit Iceland and be assured to watch the Aurora in Myvatn Lake. Nonetheless, Iceland experiences only in 4 months in which there is no Aurora. This is mostly between April and August. In between the rest period of the year, from September to April, you can visit Europe and preferably go to Myvatn Lake in Iceland to watch Aurora.

b) Consider Dusk and Dawn hours for a good view of Aurora in Myvatn Lake

Go to Myvatn Lake in Iceland to Watch AuroraAurora is best viewed during the dusk and dawn hours. This is because, the sky is always clear. At the same time, the sunset and sunrise will reflect on the Northern lights giving you the best view of the Aurora. You can prefer to sail over the lake in these hours and enjoy the clear view of the lights in the horizons and the sky.

c) Take a Couple of Days for your Visit

Despite appearing over in over a half of the year, seeing the Aurora is quite unpredictable. You may be out very early in the morning or in late hours and still fail to see the lights. A 4 day visit in Iceland is preferably recommendable. Therefore, you might consider a visit and accommodation at Reykjavik. At least, you will not miss a day or 2 in which you will enjoy watching the aurora in Myvatn Lake. You will also be able to learn about these lights and the seasons of Iceland.

d) You can also Enjoy the Lights Reflection on the Lake Myvatn

Go to Myvatn Lake in Iceland to Watch AuroraThe lake receives a very clear and attractive reflection of the Northern lights of the Aurora. As you enjoy fishing and sailing in the dawn or dusk, you will have your clear view to watch Aurora. You don’t necessarily need to keep your eyes on the sky all the time. You can also watch the Aurora while standing on the shores or even at a distance from the lake. This will give you a larger view also.

e) Consider Other Activities too to make the Moment Memorable

Watching the Aurora has been an activity that draws thousands of visitors to Myvatn Lake, Iceland. However, since the activity is unpredictable, you and your family or friends might consider taking other activities whilst enjoying your view of the Northern lights. These includes; showering in hot springs, feasts at the shores of the lake, or even camping. This will prevent you from waiting desperately for the lights fearing that your visit may be rendered in vain.


In Iceland, the season to watch the Aurora is now being considered as Northern lights holiday. In addition to that, this season has made Iceland, and specifically Myvatn Lake, so popular over the world. Therefore, visit to this place has been noted to be a fun assured moment. In the next season, have you and your family go to Myvatn Lake in Iceland to watch Aurora.

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