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Paris Is the Most Visited City, Why?

Research has shown that over 30 million people have been visiting Paris from annually since 2006. The city since the 1980 was branded as the City of Light due to its brightness especially in the streets, a factor that assures its visitors of security. The city is the center of business, education, religion, and recreation. The following are some of the attractive attributes of Paris that draws large numbers of visitors to the city annually;

a) Iconic Structures

Paris Is the Most Visited CityBeing the capital of France, Paris has a lot of structures that are associated with administration, museums, tourism, sports, education, and religious purposes. These structures have been notably attracting many visitors. Most of them go to Paris to see these structures. Others go for educations purposes ranging from architecture, history, and to banking and finance.

Other visitors usually go to the city to shoot films as a way to decorate them and make them appealing especially to those people who have never visited Paris. One of the famous structures in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. This tower has attracted over 220 million people since it was erected in the year 1889. Other structures include; Centre Georges Pompidou and L’Arc de Triomphe.

b) French Hotels and Resorts

Paris Is the Most Visited CityThe city has many hotels and resorts. This hotels and resorts operate in the French culture and tradition which usually attract many people. However, the hotels and resorts are flexible in order to accommodate many other visitors. They are located all over the city such that you barely move a while before you see one. They include; Le Bristol Paris, Hotel La Tamise, and Hotel Signature St Germain des Pres. This assures the visitors of accommodation and hospitality as they plan for their visit to Paris.

c) Paris is an Educational Centre

Education in Paris lies in all dimensions. Architecture students go to Paris to study the architectural methods that were used to construct most structures in the city. Paris also holds a lot of historical education in areas such as Protestantism, musical changes in the Impressionist periods, and artwork history. This encourages many researchers and many tourists top go and learn history in the city. Maybe you and your family may like to know more about the historical fields above? Well, Paris has it and so much more.

d) Paris offers Recreational services and Entertainment to Visitors

Paris Is the Most Visited CityThink of climbing the Eiffel Tower and enjoying the view of the entire city. This attracts thousands of people in this City of Light. On top of that, the city has cinemas, concert halls, and family activities. The museums, hotels, and art centres in the city also attract many visitors and their families too. In the city, there is a lot of things to do and feel entertained. Even walking in the safe streets of Paris, which are well lit and wide open, is an experience for admiration.


Basically, being in the city is fun. Paris has a lot of activities to learn and enjoy watching. It also has a number of places which offer hospitality and accommodation to the visitors. These and the historically rich part of the city have been witnessing millions of visitors landing to the city in an attempt to feel its experience. As a result, many songs, poems, anthems, and stories have been composed to talk and explain the city’s attractiveness.

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