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Top 3 Fishing Places In Switzerland

Fishing is Switzerland has become a major activity. It attracts many visitors to the country. It has several lakes which contain fresh water. These lakes encourage breeding and growth of large numbers of fish. The fish are also in different types, most of which are edible to human beings. The country allows visitors to fish in these lakes during selected seasons when the fish are in large numbers in the lakes. The following include the top 3 fishing places in Switzerland;

1. Lake Neuchtel

Top 3 Fishing Places In SwitzerlandThis lake is in the Basel region. Over the 2nd half of the 20th century, Lake Neuchtel has been famous for fishing. Being the largest lake in Switzerland, Lake Neuchtel has all the types of fish which are locally termed to be available in Switzerland, for example, trout, carp, eel, and whitefish. However, the lake is not visited by many visitors over the year. But on the other hand, it is preferably suitable for fishing as you do not expect overcrowding and over-exploitation of fish in this lake.

Commercial fishing has notably increased in this lake over the last decade. The lake is described as Swiss-tidy and also a British-preferrable fishing ground. There is a large area at the shore of the lake where you can camp for several days or weeks. As you camp, you can enjoy fishing and the meals cooked from the fish that you harvest in the lake. The lake receives clean water from Orbe River and it also has its outlets. Thus, it is a fresh water lake. Being surrounded by an agricultural area, the lake is assured of enough feeds for the fish ranging from vegetables to insects. Charges for fishing in this lake are also within your standards.

2. Lake of Gruyre

Top 3 Fishing Places In SwitzerlandThis lake is in the region of the Canton of Fribourg. Since it is an artificial lake, it is sure of supply of clean water from clean rivers which supply it with water. It offers calm and a relaxing fishing destination in Switzerland. Many people who want to enjoy carp fishing in Switzerland usually go for the Lake of Gruyre.

The location of this lake will only take you 3 hours from Geneva or Zurich while driving. At the lake, you are free to camp for as long as you want. Charges for fishing and camping are relatively cheap and affordable. You will be able to enjoy trout fishing in the lake. At the shores, where you can consider for camping, you will fry or roast your fish and enjoy the meal with your family or friends.

3. Kleine Emme

Top 3 Fishing Places In SwitzerlandThis is a river in the Lucerne area of Switzerland. It is known for fly-fishing. Google maps showing this stream are available over the internet. The river has quite numerous types of fish. These include; perch, eel, whitefish, and trout fish.

This river is located near Zurich. You can consider going to the Switzerland river with your family and conduct fishing with baits from its riverbanks. This river has deep areas where fish breed severally throughout the year. Although you might not be able to camp alongside the riverbanks, you can opt to carry with you the harvested fish for further use.


Switzerland is very famous for fishing. The country has numerous fresh water sources. In these fresh water sources, over 50 fish types usually breed during different seasons of the year. Due to the presence large numbers of fish in different rivers and lakes of Switzerland, the country usually charges relatively cheap to encourage fishing and creation of revenue as well. The above are the notably top 3 fishing places in Switzerland which have become popular over the past years.

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