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Why You Should Visit Ellioaár with Metal Detector for Fun?

Ellioaár is in the south west of Reykjavik, capital city of Iceland. As a river, it passed through the valley of Ellioaárdalur. This place is famously known for bicycle paths, swimming, and hiking. On top of that, the river cascades through Ellidaar Valley opposite Ellidaar Power Station which has been providing Reykjavik with hydro-electric power since 1921. Since the history of 10th century, this region has been linked with many treasures.

Many treasures were reportedly lost due to events such as World Wars, disposal of waste metals by the power station, fishery, and the Reykjavik angling treasure. Some of these were carried by the river and deposited to its banks and in the valley as it heads its way to the sea. Other treasures were buried in the lands of Ellioaár and research shows that they are yet to be found. Thus, as you plan to your trip ensure that you visit Ellioaár with metal detector for fun. First of all you will need some pro metal detectors so make sure to read metal detector reviews before going there as it is an area for serious treasure hunting so only good equipment will work on these rivers. By this, you will likely come across some of the following treasures.


Why You Should Visit Ellioaár with Metal Detector for Fun

In Ellioaár there is a lot of history about lost gold. Hardly do the visitors of this place find out the lost gold. As you plan to visit the river and the area for hiking and swimming, I suppose you carry a metal detector with you. You never know whether you are the lucky one to find this precious treasure believed to be in this place.

Thus, your visit to Iceland may be added a taste of experience when you come across something precious such as gold. As you pass through the Ellidaar valley, be sure to turn on your metal detector and expect notification. Do not necessarily major in searching for the metal. This is because many people have been involved in the search for quite a long time in vain. Therefore, if you are lucky, let the luck hit you.

Old Coins

Over the years, old coins have been termed as valuable and costly. Many firms usually exchange these coins for money or other valuable gifts. Furthermore, old coins are important in making ornaments such as chains, rings, and earrings. These ornaments are as durable and the old coins are. At the same time, the ornaments are exceptional and unique from the normal than others which are currently in the market.

Therefore, going to visit Ellioaár with a metal detector might land you to finding these valuable treasures. This will make your visit to Iceland memorable for long.

Lost Fish Traps and Baits made of Expensive Metals

Why You Should Visit Ellioaár with Metal Detector for FunThe river Ellioaár has been a fishing centre for many people in Iceland. Since the early times, the river has been supplying people, especially residents of Reykjavik and also British fishermen, with fish. The traps baits that were used in the past were made of strong and expensive metals. These metals together with other metals from the power station are usually deposited to the river bank as the river heads its way to the sea. Some of these metals are valuable and costly. You may get lucky to come across one or two and compensate some of the cost of your visit.


As a part of your adventure, you may consider looking out for things that were used or that got lost in the place you plan to visit. There are many treasuries that are reportedly believed to have been lost in Ellidaar valley. Most of them can be found along the Ellioaár river banks or even inside the river. In you like the hobby of metal detecting, you may find yourself with a valuable or costly metal that was lost and forgotten in this area. Thus, consider to visit Ellioaár with metal detector for fun.

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